Manga Beware Of The Full Moon In March [SSFUJOSHI] - dropped

Beware Of The Full Moon In March [SSFUJOSHI] - dropped

Summary Beware Of The Full Moon In March [SSFUJOSHI] - dropped

As a former gangster, Park Mokhwa ran a flower shop with the help of Kim Jungae after being released from prison.Inspector Kim Nakwon, a corrupt police official who does whatever he pleases for his own amusement, visits Park Mokhwa, who has been released on parole, in order to investigate on the 'Dongyang P.K.' case.However, when Park Mokhwa refuses to speak and the situation does not turn out how he wants, Kim Nakwon used violence to press him down, and over time, he became increasingly intrigued in his appearance as Park Mokhwa remained silent despite his assault...***Warning: Noncon, disturbing to some, corruption, violence, don’t expect fluff/romance ***Recommended for mature audiences. ***Viewer discretion is advised.




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Beware Of The Full Moon In March [SSFUJOSHI] - dropped








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