Manga Big Brother's Parenting Situation

큰형님의 육아사정 / Hyungnim's parenting situation

Big Brother's Parenting Situation

Summary Big Brother's Parenting Situation

Jaein, a key figure and hyungnim of the illegal gang Jojeong, disappears after a decisive battle with Yuksa. Four years later, Yo Nan, who closely followed Jaein, reunites with the Hyung of his dreams... The relationship between the hyung who wears a hypermarket apron and the dongsaeng who doesn't seem so serious?! Jae-in, who buried his past and walks the path of a father, Yo Nan, who has only chased his heart and obsession, and the funny Rona, a cute little girl who has an unusual language ability.




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Big Brother's Parenting Situation







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