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Bedded By Blackmail #14

Bought By Her Husband

Summary Bought By Her Husband

Victoria is resolved to call her estranged Greek husband, Alexei, who she hasn't seen in seven years—ever since the day he suspected her of having an affair and verbally assaulted her. But at the moment, it's not the wounds on her own heart she's concerned about. She needs money from the divorce settlement to save a dear friend who is in the hospital after collapsing from an illness. Alexei said he'll only allow Victoria a divorce if she comes to Athens personally. When she does, he throws a humiliating demand at her: in exchange for signing the divorce papers, Victoria must spend one week with Alexei as his lover...Time for granting wishes... @olive.amarilis, as promised 💝Here comes your egocentric bastard of an ML (you know that I love them so right?) You will surely be getting extremely emotional, lotsa angst, anger, revenge and steamy *cough passionate scenes covered with flowers Tee-hee.. (somehow I could feel the ML's love for FL in this, lemme know if you felt the same)As much as I Love my gentleman ML, I LOOOVVEEE them alpha dominant ML, a greek one alsoEnjoy Peeps! 😍 = PLEASE DO NOT SHARE =




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