Manga Chiisana Majo no Kubiwa

Chiisana Majo no Korie / Chiisana Majo no Kubiwa (Korie) / Little Witch's Collier / Little Witch`s Collar / Tiny Witch's Collar / 小さな魔女の首輪 / 小魔女的项圈 / 작은 마녀의 목줄

Chiisana Majo no Kubiwa

Summary Chiisana Majo no Kubiwa

In a castle atop a hill, in the south of France, lives a little witch named Lulu. Hidden away from the rest of the world and forced to wear a collier around her neck to control her powers, all Lulu wants to do is escape into the real world--and will stoop to anything in her mischievous attempts to leave! But her life slowly begins to change when her new teacher, a man named Camillo, arrives...Official Ver Support the Author by purchasing their work!




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Chiisana Majo no Kubiwa







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