Manga Chu Chu macaron, lonely pie

Chu Chu Makaron, Lonely Pie / Chuu-Chuu Macaron, Lonely Pie / Kisses, Macarons, and Lonely Pie / ちゅーちゅーまかろん、ろんりーぱい

Chu Chu macaron, lonely pie

Summary Chu Chu macaron, lonely pie

Three years ago Tora and Ryota were an unbeatable pitching duo. The two were feared on the mound and were admired off. These days, Tora is a himbo ne'er-do-well and Ryota is slaving over ramen in his hometown. Furthermore Ryota is being set up for marriage by his family. So when Tora hears that his old partner might get taken off the board, he makes a beeline for home hoping to score big with his old teammate. The love between two former ball players can be a little bit of a swing-and-a-miss and a little bit of a homerun. But either way some one is going to score in this romance-comedy!




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Chu Chu macaron, lonely pie







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