Manga Dolis (Official) [Scan]

Chishiryou Dolis / Doorisu / Doris / Die Todliche Dolis / 致死量ドーリス

Dolis (Official) [Scan]

Summary Dolis (Official) [Scan]

Mitsu is the perfect woman. Looked upon by men as the ideal girl, the perfect lover. Kishi is a bookstore clerk. Mitsu is an art student and one of the store's regular customers. When Kishi falls head-over-heels in love with Mitsu, he soon discovers another side to this seemingly flawless woman. Mitsu's self-destructive tendencies are an emotional hazard that even Kishi's infatuation can't fix. Together, they lose themselves in a world of intense love, drama, and going to the occasional party. But when Mitsu's former lover gives Kishi a warning about her and the meaning of Dolis, it may already be too late to save her.




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Dolis (Official) [Scan]







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