Manga Einheli no Hanayome

戦傑の花嫁 / Sensuguru no Hanayome / Ikusa Suguru no Hanayome / 战神的新娘 / 戰神的新娘

Einheli no Hanayome

Summary Einheli no Hanayome

Born as the Chief's daughter and princess of her tribe, in a matter of days Ilsa loses both her brothers and her father to the war. Her father's territory is conquered and she is forced to go on a battleship, only for the ship to soon be raided by yet another enemy. In the heat of the battle, she is pushed off the ship and swallowed by the deep, dark waves. It's your decision. Ilsa wakes up only to realize she has been captured by Sigwald, a famous warrior of the Federation famous for their plundering, who declares they are to be married. She thought he was a cruel man, but Sigwald's words and actions were kind for some reason... Even though they were born and lived under different circumstances, the two gradually became attracted to each other...📍 Please support the mangaka Ojanu by purchasing the manga from the official platforms.Follow the mangaka on Twitter: out Ojanu's other series: ✨ Koisuru Himon no Senshitachi -🗡️ Official Raw - 🛡️ Renta - 🗡️ Amazon - 🛡️ Ebook Japan - 🗡️ Manga Updates -




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Einheli no Hanayome







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