Manga ENNEAD [Non-Mature/16+]

Enneadeu / Энеада / エネアド / 九柱神 / 엔네아드

ENNEAD [Non-Mature/16+]

Summary ENNEAD [Non-Mature/16+]

The once peaceful land of Egypt has been stained with blood under the tyrannical rule of Seth, the god of war. Horus, son of the god Isis but not yet one himself, rises to challenge the throne and put an end to the chaos and destruction. Although the confrontation between Seth and Horus began with hatred, in time it becomes blurred by obsession and desire... The ancient mythology of Egypt comes to life as you've never seen it before in this compelling fantasy BL.Author/Artist Twitter: @mojito_ennead This is the Non-Mature/16+ version of Ennead. The Mature/19+ version of Ennead can be read at Tappytoons: Mature Tappytoons: Mature Batoto: Manga Updates:




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ENNEAD [Non-Mature/16+]







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