Manga First Love Operation

First Love Manipulation Team / First Love Operator / 첫사랑 조작단

First Love Operation

Summary First Love Operation

Yeonwoo and Jisoo is a childhood friends and despite knowing that both of them are aware of their feelings for each other, instead of able to express it through words, it becomes a misunderstanding and conflicts. Although they both go to the same kindergarten till college, they still don’t have the right time to confess towards each other.As the time goes by, the obstacles that those two have keeps increasing. Whether it’s Yeonwoo’s confession nor Jisoo’s confession, neither of them succeeded at it and instead, it seems like the failures have slowly keep them apart… When will they be able to convey their feelings?Please support the author on the original platform. Do not repost on social media.




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First Love Operation







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