Manga Flower of the Sun

태양의 꽃

Flower of the Sun

Summary Flower of the Sun

{Translated by Mosh Scans} The family's illegitimate child, 'Zigrien', is forced to become the apprentice of 'Idris'- the knight leader of the Knights Templar under the direct control of the Crown Prince- to find out his weakness. Upon hearing the rumors about the cold-blooded Idris, who is called the prince's dog, Zigrien tries to remain unoticed by Idris. But on his first day, he witnesses Idris and the prince, 'Laurent,' having an affair. When the prince asks about it, he lies about being in love with Idris...!I'll give you a chance to hold the one you love so much for the night. Get drunk, right here.The Crown Prince gives the direct order and Idris leads Zigrien through the night. How will this relationship end?As we always mention. Please, don't re-upload our works in any other social media platforms if you want us to continue translating this Manhwa. Kindly support the author if you can and available in your area!Join our discord server for updates~ Link:




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