Manga In-office stalking is prohibited

사내 스토킹을 금지합니다 / Dilarang menguntit di rumah / No snooping, please

In-office stalking is prohibited

Summary In-office stalking is prohibited

Therefore, stalking within our company is prohibited.” SA Company CEO Park Si-an. 188cm tall, looks like a celebrity uppercut! Estimated assets: XXX billion won! 3rd generation real tycoon! He has been suffering from vicious stalking lately! The likely culprit is Ye Da-min, an employee of the same company's support team. With her round eyes like a rabbit, who seems to be at the bottom of the food chain, is she really a stalker of Xi'an? Their relationship is full of doubts, misunderstandings and errors! The secret stalker arrest operation begins! In-house stalking is prohibitedR- 15Official link on bato is not 100% accurate. ver ⬆️Kakaopage Tapas




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In-office stalking is prohibited


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