Manga Kaerenu Oni tono Momobiyori

還れぬ鬼との桃日和 / Peach Weather With an Unrelenting Demon

Kaerenu Oni tono Momobiyori

Summary Kaerenu Oni tono Momobiyori

I’ll pour my magical power into you...Otaku salaryman, Momose, who loves fantasy and parallel worlds, comes upon a book that he used to read a lot in the past: “The Complete Collection of Summoning Magic”. Feeling nostalgic, his middle-schooler heart re-ignites, so he decides to try and chant once again the summoning spell to call The Servant of Fate... But suddenly, in doing so, a demon named Keiha comes out of his closet?!A slightly naughty BL daily-life story about a demon tied by an invisible force X a salaryman!!




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Kaerenu Oni tono Momobiyori







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