Manga Kono Yakuza, Toriko ni Shite Miseru~tsu!

I'll Make This Yakuza My Prisoner!

Kono Yakuza, Toriko ni Shite Miseru~tsu!

Summary Kono Yakuza, Toriko ni Shite Miseru~tsu!

Do you really think those cute little kisses will be enough to take me down? Chikage, the son of a yakuza boss, is in love with his father's second-in-command, Aizawa. In order to be close to Aizawa, Chikage wants to join the clan in the future, but both his father and Aizawa are fiercely opposed to the idea. But Chikage's feelings towards Aizawa, who had cared for him and loved him since he was little, had long since turned to love...! He decides that he's going to use his body and anything else he can to sway Aizawa over to his side!! When Chikage desperately tries to kiss him, Aizawa used his tongue to tease him sweetly and deeply, and then slid his hot and naughty hand into his pants...!?THIS SERIES +19 WHICH MEANS: IT'S FOR ADULTS, IT HAS SENSITIVE CONTENT, EXPLICIT SEXUAL SCENES, DUBIOUS CONSENSUS AND THEMES NOT SUITABLE FOR MINORS.YOU CAN BUY IT HERE:




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Kono Yakuza, Toriko ni Shite Miseru~tsu!







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