Manga Koutei Heika no Osewagakari

Koutei Heika no Osewagakari - Jokan Kurashi ga Shiawase sugite Koukyuu kara Deraremasen / 皇帝陛下のお世話係 / 皇帝陛下のお世話係〜女官暮らしが幸せすぎて後宮から出られません〜

Koutei Heika no Osewagakari

Summary Koutei Heika no Osewagakari

As a court lady, I will do my best! Lin Feng, the daughter of the right Prime Minister, participates in the ceremony to select the 5 years old emperor's consort.However, her babysitting and erhu skills catch the eye of the highest-ranking Counselor, Cang Lian, and she is assigned to work in the imperial palace as a novice court lady. A Chinese-style palace fantasy of a caretaker begins!This is only fan translation, I'm sorry if there's any grammatical error here and there ._. Though if you want a better quality, you can ask some scans group to take over this project~




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Koutei Heika no Osewagakari




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