Manga Leveling Up With Likes

따봉으로 레벨업 / Leveling Up With Likes / Leveling up with Thumbs Up / Thumbs-Up Leveling

Leveling Up With Likes

Summary Leveling Up With Likes

My name is Jicheok Eum. Just an ordinary hunter assistant. I was living diligently while cleaning up the corpses of monsters. But one day, my grandfather who passed away long back appeared in my dream, and after that… ‘People began giving me likes and I awakened as a hunter.’ Grandpa, was this the reason you named your grandson Jicheok Eum? [literaly, Thumbs up]The Likes I Collect Converts Into Points! And with the points I gain I can buy skills and level up! It’s time for leveling up with likes! Read from for faster updatesYou can find the previous chapters on




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Leveling Up With Likes


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