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Is this rekindled love a mistake?“I won’t allow her to ruin the wedding!” Marco boomed, his voice reaching the ceiling of the design studio. The famous fashion designer is two and a half months away from marrying his duchess fiancée, Marilena, when his ex-wife, Payton, arrives with their twin girls from San Francisco. Payton, who swore never to return to Milan, has come to entrust the children to her ex-husband’s care. She has a dark secret: it looks as if the same awful disease that killed her mother will take her, as well…Time for granting wishes... @Ms_lou, here's another one of plot that you might like 😉❗️NTR❗️ You've seen the tag and I will let you know what types of NTR this one will be 😎 #1 NTR: there were rumours that ML was supposed to marry Princess Marilena but instead he got married to FL since he got FL pregnant they divorced due to misunderstandings (both of them thinks their love was one-sided) #2 NTR: ML found out that FL will be going through chemo and he calls off his wedding to the same Princess Marilena as before (he realised that FL has always been the one for him)If it's any consolation the Princess only wants to be ML's wife, she has no interest on becoming mother to his twin children And ML call of the wedding before he came back to FL (excluded the kisses) 🤣If you could put aside that kind of NTR, then you'll be enjoying a sweet Love Story There will be some drama at the end (courtesy of the Princess) But I love how it ends, how FL's stay strong for their marriage and how ML put on a role-play and redo-ing his reaction when hearing FL's health newsEnjoy Peeps! 😍 =Please Do Not Share=




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