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Devastated after learning of the death of her ex-boyfriend she’s still hung up on, Miyuki decided to drink her grief away at a bar alone. As she reached the point of intoxication, someone intervened: “You’re way too drunk, so don’t be surprised if someone offers to take you home”, they say with the voice of the one that got away… Looking up, Miyuki is met with the splitting image of her ex?!“You initiated this”, says the man named Reiichirou, as he took her away in his arms for an unbelievable steamy night of passion. But wait, this man was so aggressive and teasing unlike the one she dated!? Though Miyuki gets engulfed in misery every time she thinks of them in comparison, their physical relationship continues.“He’s not here anymore, forget him for me.” Why does Reiichirou’s desperate whisper sound so much like a confession of love…? A career woman with a long-lost love X a perfect superior. A bittersweet love story of two people with emotional scars within their hearts!Snudae Scans is recruiting Translator, Proofreader, CLRD & Typesetter! join our discord :




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