Manga Ninki Haiyuu ha Akogare wo Hitorizime shitai

The Movie Star All To Myself

Ninki Haiyuu ha Akogare wo Hitorizime shitai

Summary Ninki Haiyuu ha Akogare wo Hitorizime shitai

Renta: It's been seven years since Aki Hagino quit acting and became a director... After breaking under the pressure of life as an actor, Aki wants his revenge and he's vowed to make sure anyone with talent is made sure they get the exposure they deserve. For that, he becomes a tough, no-nonsense director. People find him unapproachable, but the one guy who isn't fazed by Aki's gruff exterior is... the handsome and famous actor, Toma Shiraki. A long time ago, when Aki and Toma worked together once, they (may have) had a one-night stand. Aki thought things would become uncomfortable between them after that, but on the contrary, Toma seems to be unable to stay away from Aki. Aki vows to never make the same mistake again, but...




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Ninki Haiyuu ha Akogare wo Hitorizime shitai







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