Manga Plum Blossom Shade

Shade of Plum Blossom / The Shade of Plum Blossoms / 매화꽃그늘

Plum Blossom Shade

Summary Plum Blossom Shade

The bloom of plum blossoms in early spring. In the quiet Seowon stand three scholars. The trio of Confucian scholars hide their feelings under the pretext of friendship as they stick together. As the feelings of the heart continue to grow over the years, they entangle with each other and the lines between them start to blur. The three young people in Seowon can no longer be regarded as immature. I was fascinated by the plum blossoms. I was fascinated by the simplicity and innocence. I couldn't help but bask in the cool shadow under the shade of the blossoms, despite being out of breath. Just like that, we’ll submerge and drift away togetherFan translation by Strawberry Moon Scans!




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Plum Blossom Shade







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