Manga Priceless Is You in Tears

Namida no Priceless / 泪のプライスレス

Priceless Is You in Tears

Summary Priceless Is You in Tears

After the third anniversary of his parents' death, Sogo Tsushima was crying on the train on his way home. There, a handsome young guy, Yobu Kouno, appeared and offered him a handkerchief with a friendly smile. After spending the night together, he confessed to Sogo that he had fallen in love at first sight with the way he cried. Sogo is surprised and feel very perplexed by his confession, but then he happened to discover that a large sum of money was hidden in Kouno's bag and...?drop me a message if you'd like to join my discord server! -nekobasu 😊




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Priceless Is You in Tears







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