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Rafael's Contract Bride

Summary Rafael's Contract Bride

I’m nothing more than a convenience for the handsome millionaire. When Rafael unexpectedly proposed, Cora couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Rafael had brought her to Spain to work for him, but she never expected he’d want her as his wife. But all Rafael really wants is to fulfill the required conditions in order to buy land. The moment she finds out he’s only using her, Cora is devastated. Of course a gorgeous man wouldn’t love such a plain woman like her. But then why did he choose her to propose to?Time for granting some wishes... @AspiringGem226, forget the yaoi one, feast on this instead 😉100% shipping for this ML and FL 😍 This HQ is such a gorgeous and a romantic piece I know.. I knooowww.. It’s a marriage of convenience tropes But you will LOVE this!!! NO OW, for anyone that’s curious 😉 The Dress and The Baby Duck, Awwww.. You'll know what I meant once you've read this 😘Enjoy Peeps! 😍Derwent Family Series #1 Christmas Kisses with Her Boss (no adaptation thus far) #2 Rafael's Contract Bride #3 The Earl's Snow-Kissed Proposal (no adaptation thus far) #4 Claimed by the Wealthy Magnate (no adaptation thus far) = PLEASE DO NOT SHARE =




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