Manga Realm of Queen [ MANGAK2 ]

렐름 오브 퀸 / 렐름 오브 퀸 -여왕의 영역-

Realm of Queen [ MANGAK2 ]

Summary Realm of Queen [ MANGAK2 ]

Drake, a pirate called the black dragon of the sea. While plundering a merchant ship in Spain, he got on board the ship Elizabeth I was on. Unable to satisfy his desires, he pursued gold and silver treasures. When he saw Elizabeth I, he felt his heart beating and he was delighted so they planned to get the Queen of England. Queen Elizabeth I noticed Drake's abilities. In return for giving the stolen gold to the country, she spared Drake. In anger, Spain uses this as an excuse to declare war on England.The romance story of her single life!




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Realm of Queen [ MANGAK2 ]







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