Manga Ride Your Wave (Official)

Kimito, namini / Ride Your Wave / Riding a Wave with You / きみと、波にのれたら

Ride Your Wave (Official)

Summary Ride Your Wave (Official)

Surfer girl Hinako is full of confidence when she's out on the ocean, but when it come to everything else in her life, she second-guesses herself. After a fire breaks out, she meets a firefighter named Minato and the two fall quickly in love. When tragedy strikes and separates the young couple, Hinako feels lost and directionless. But soon, Hinako discovers that Minato is determined to overcome any obstacle to stay by her side. The heart-tugging manga adaptation that goes beyond the hit anime film!Spin-off of anime Support the authorNOVEL: ANIME SPIN-OFF:




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Ride Your Wave (Official)


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