Manga Second Cherry

Second Cherry / セカンドチェリー / 세컨드 체리

Second Cherry

Summary Second Cherry

Renta: Trading company employee Rikuya's secret pastime is admiring apparel shop worker Ryuji, who sleeps in the same seat on the same train on the same days of the week. One day, the two meet at Ryuji's shop, where they become drawn to each other. After Rikuya's do-or-die confession, the two begin dating. On the night the two finally start living together, after two years of long-distance dating, their reunion leads to the irresistible urge to touch each other. It is a confirmation of their love... or is it!? Despite their age, they're acting like inexperienced teenagers! This is a fluffy love story about two innocent lovers in their thirties trying to overcome their inexperience.




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Second Cherry








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