Manga The Adventures of a Demon King's Daughter

I Was Born as the Demon Lord's Daughter / 마왕의 딸로 태어났습니다 / 重生为魔王的女儿

The Adventures of a Demon King's Daughter

Summary The Adventures of a Demon King's Daughter

Life’s not easy for a child of Heaven and Hell! Given a second chance to live, Jo Ara was happy to trade her dire past for a world of fantasy and magic. The only catch is she was reborn as Irene Neros Parjunel, the beloved newborn child of the southern demon king! With the god of the underworld and her deceased mother watching over her, she sets out to discover her place in this world. Throw in a snarky angel godmother and a stubborn demon godfather, and it's the perfect setting for mischief and chaos! Will Irene succeed in helping her father battle the threats that plague him? And after making plenty of friends along the way, can she finally experience true love, too?Support the author on the official platform!




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The Adventures of a Demon King's Daughter







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