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The Boss's Bride

Summary The Boss's Bride

I want to be useful to my boss. This feeling will remain hidden forever.Claris, who is not confident in her looks, devotes herself to work as a secretary. Her boss, Adam, is a charming man, but she can’t fall in love with this playboy, even though she is attracted to him. She desperately tries to control herself, but she ends up moving to Adam's mansion in order to take care of the child of his best friend and his wife who just had an accident. However, when she appears with Adam, the son of a noble, the villagers make a great fuss about it. Claris, who is confused by the rumor, is suddenly kissed by Adam...Here's a guidance so you will not get lost in the story I know I'm lost 🤣Annnnddd... la pièce de résistance, I'm here for the beautiful art, the cute baby, the handsome ML, the ML's jealousy, ML's advances toward FL and for the last 20 panels 🤪 It would have been a wonderful working relationship to a loving relationship story if only the issues surrounds the story is lesser So take your time on reading it or else you will get lost 😎Enjoy Peeps! 😍 Please Do Not Share




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