Manga The Events of Romeo's Household

나오세요, 로미오 / 罗密欧请出门 / 出てきてください、ロミオ / ออกมาเถอะครับ ท่านโรมิโอ / Montrez-vous, Roméo ! / Come Out, Romeo

The Events of Romeo's Household

Summary The Events of Romeo's Household

O Romeo, Romeo! Where art thou, Romeo? Seriously, where the heck is he?! Secluded in his mansion, Romeo and his brilliant mind tug at the strings of power, unraveling the city’s plots and mysteries. His loyal servants have guarded his secrets closely, but when someone new enters the household, they begin to question this self-inflicted isolation. Meanwhile, a wicked web looms large, beckoning Romeo to it. Will these threats thrust him back onto the public stage and bring dark truths to light?[MU] [KR] [JP] [EN]




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The Events of Romeo's Household







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