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Bravo Royales #1

The Prince's Secret Baby

Summary The Prince's Secret Baby

My prince has been keeping a dark secret from me… Sydney had been burned by men twice in the past and regards them with distrust. So with the help of a sperm bank, she has given birth to a son she is raising alone. One day at a mall, she is suddenly called out to by a breathtakingly handsome man named Rule. Initially cautious, she begins to feel an attraction to him as she gets to know him better. Soon she learns that Rule is the prince of a kingdom in the Mediterranean, and out of nowhere he tells Sydney that he wants to marry her! Sydney is too swept away by her romantic fantasy to realize that he harbors a dark secret…Time for granting wishes... @kazz, here you go dear 💝Here comes the Bravo Royales Series 1st book Peeps! 😍 Be sure to read the other books (list down below👇🏻) Here's the thing, this is a funny and lovely piece imo Not to mention the ML is cute and handsome 😉 So pleeeaasssseeeeee, let us enjoy this as they come A FICTION STORYThe FL is a strong character The ML is totally smitten by FL There's cute boy all overFL has 2 past traumatic relationship, so please forgive ML for lying to FL about the fact he's the sperm donor, he's just a lying-handsome-coward who's afraid of losing the woman he loves 😘 Love the tilting head resemblance and the champagne invitation Tee-hee..Enjoy Peeps! 😍Bravo Royales Series.. #1 The Prince's Secret Baby #2 The Prince She Had to Marry #3 The Rancher's Christmas Princess (not yet adapted) #4 Her Highness and the Bodyguard (not yet adapted) #5 How to Marry a Princess (not yet adapted) #6 Holiday Royale #7 The Prince's Cinderella Bride (not yet adapted to english) #8 The Earl's Pregnant Bride (not yet adapted) #9 A Bravo Christmas Wedding (not yet adapted) =Please Do Not Share=




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