Manga The Sheikh and the Pregnant Bride (Desert Rogues Book 12)

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The Sheikh and the Pregnant Bride (Desert Rogues Book 12)

Summary The Sheikh and the Pregnant Bride (Desert Rogues Book 12)

Maggie came to El Daharia to restore Prince Qadir's classic car. But she is almost sent away when he learns his mechanic is a woman. Her first impression of the prince is awful, but eventually they warm up to each other because of their shared love of cars. He then asks Maggie to pretend to be his lover, so he can decline a fiance who was decided for him, and she agrees. Maggie lives in a totally different world than the prince, after all, so there’s no way they could actually fall in love...right?Notes: If any of you find some spelling for the names here are different in the story, it's because I follow the spelling in Arabic Language.This story is Hibiki Sakuraya-sensei's first attempts on the Rogue Deserts series.The long awaiting twelve (lastly upload) story of Desert Rogues series and the second story of the El-Deharia princes is finally here!! The twelve book is about the third prince of El-Deharia -Prince Qadir, who works as an ambassador. Unlike the El-Bahar and Baharia Royalties' stories, only three of the six princes have their stories written (As'ad, Qadir & Kateeb).Both FL and ML are strong-head people. FL is very independent and not easily influence by other people, while the ML is persistent and very strong-will to pursue the FL (quite an interesting character if you ask me). Both of them have many hilarious & comical scenes XD Victoria -Prince Nadim's assistant is quite an interesting person too! Her story is featured in the final installment of Desert Rogues series -The Sheikh and the Bought Bride, with Kateeb as her partner. Prince Nadim wasn't appear much in the stories. The FL's ex-boyfriend acts can be annoying, but his actions are kind of understanding. But sometimes it might causes you to want to straggle him... The girls' talks between FL and Victoria is good too. Victoria really acts as FL's sister figure to her. Kateeb's reactions when he realized his younger brother is in love with FL.Please Support The Author & The Artist by Buying the Original Works. Oh, please read the other books as well as the novels too!💋 You can buy them online through various places 😉Desert Rogues series:(El-Bahar Royalty)(Bahania Royalty) 4. The Sheikh and the Runaway Princess (Not yet adapted) 5. The Sheikh and the Virgin Princess ( credits to @LFR_LFR 6. The Sheikh and the Pregnant Princess ( credits to @LFR_LFR 7. The Sheikh and the Princess-in-Waiting ( credits to @LFR_LFR 8. The Sheikh and the Princess Bride ( credits to @LFR_LFR 9. The Sheikh and the Bride who Says No (Not yet adapted)(Lucia-Serrat Royalty) 10. The Sheikh and the Virgin Secretary ( credits to @LFR_LFR(El-Deharia Royalty) 11. The Sheikh and the Christmas Bride ( credits to @LFR_LFR 12. The Sheikh and the Pregnant Bride 13. The Sheikh and the Bought Bride ( credits to @sinarominGBS




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The Sheikh and the Pregnant Bride (Desert Rogues Book 12)







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