Manga The Sheikh's Convenient Princess

The Sheikh's Convenient Princess

Summary The Sheikh's Convenient Princess

The scarred sheikh has proposed a marriage of convenience with a grand reward. Ruby leaves England to work as a replacement secretary for billionaire Bram, a charming golden-eyed man with a large facial scar who lives a secluded life in a desert fortress. At first, Bram does not trust her, but before Ruby even begins working, he proposes a marriage of convenience, saying that he must bring a wife back to his home country. After thinking it over, Ruby accepts his proposal to pay off her debts back home. As the two create a fake love story, Ruby is touched by Bram’s kindness… She had no idea when she agreed to his proposal just how much her heart would be at stake.YOU’RE GONNA LOVE THIS, TRUST ME! Don’t judge a book by its Genre (it applies here) for sure! You will not get your typical Sheikh’s story You will not get the mis-conception on the religion or beliefs You will not get egocentric bastard of an MLIs it already sounds like I’m pitching for a sale? AGAIN, TRUST ME! This is a Home Run in so many aspects It will leave you feeling warm and fuzzyNot going to spoiled it for sure I mean, who could resist handsome ML with a scar on his face??? I know I can’t?! Even if he’s an egocentric bastard of an ML, let alone a gentleman to boot!Enjoy Peeps! 😍Related Series... Chosen as the Sheikh's Wife ( (The Sister Story) = PLEASE DO NOT SHARE =




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