Manga uchi no kaseihu ga inma kamoshirenai

I Think My Housekeeper Is an Incubus

uchi no kaseihu ga inma kamoshirenai

Summary uchi no kaseihu ga inma kamoshirenai

He's a terrible housekeeper, but in other ways, he services Yuma so well, it's not normal...!!When Yuma's parents go on a four-day business trip, the very attractive Asahi comes to stay as a housekeeper. He spills water while cleaning, and bumps into and breaks things, but every movement he makes gives off an enticing vibe. Not only does he have a beautiful face, but he also struts around in nothing but an apron... Something must be wrong with him! One moment, Yuma's frozen by Asahi's alluring gaze, and the next, Asahi's pleasuring him! This can only mean one thing... Asahi is undoubtedly an incubus!THIS SERIES +19 WHICH MEANS: IT'S FOR ADULTS, IT HAS SENSITIVE CONTENT, EXPLICIT SEXUAL SCENES, DUBIOUS CONSENSUS AND THEMES NOT SUITABLE FOR MINORS.YOU CAN BUY IT HERE:




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uchi no kaseihu ga inma kamoshirenai







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