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Wakudeki Midnight

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Leo owes a lot to number one host and owner of the host club Aoi for taking him in and giving him a job when he just arrived in Tokyo. Not only that, but he has feelings for Aoi... Hoping Aoi would someday pop his cherry, Leo does his best to be Aoi's right-hand man, making sure he's the number two host each month. Then, one day, Aoi tells Leo's rival host Taiga that he can have his way with Leo in the bedroom if he beats Leo's profits... and Taiga does!!THIS +18 SERIES WHAT IT MEANS: IT IS FOR ADULTS, MAY CONTAIN SENSITIVE CONTENT, EXPLICIT SEXUAL SCENES, QUESTIONABLE CONSENSUS AND THEMES NOT SUITABLE FOR MINORS.YOU CAN BUY IT HERE: 🔶Official Publisher: (JULIAN PUBLISHING);🔷Official English: (Renta);




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