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Walk on The Wild Side

Summary Walk on The Wild Side

He is determined to drive her away, but she doesn’t make it easy to refuse her… Heiress Sunny Chandler has worked all her life to inherit her grandfather’s business, but her grandfather tried to marry her off instead. So, Sunny decides to abandon her prestigious name and build a life of her own. When Sunny sees a help-wanted sign posted at a restaurant, she knocks on the door. Bewildered, the restaurant’s owner, Nick, wonders why a model-like woman like her would want to become a cook. He assumes she must be one of the marriage prospects his grandmother keeps sending. Nick decides to drive her away at all costs—but she doesn’t make it easy to refuse her.Time for granting wishes... @hananoyume, here comes your palate cleanserAs for most of my palate cleanser HQ, it wouldn't be fun if I told you the story 😉 But I must say to watch out for the last quarter of the story, it contains lotsa convo (still has funny bits) tbh vs the first three-quarters of the storyIt's a Fun Read nonetheless, who would refused topless Misao Hoshiai's ML, rite? LOL 🤣Enjoy Peeps! 😍 =Please Do Not Share=




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