Manga Yoiyoi Monologue

Yoi Yoi Monologue / Yoiyoi Monoroogu / 宵々モノローグ

Yoiyoi Monologue

Summary Yoiyoi Monologue

Rei Inaba is the quiet, unsociable, but trustworthy vice president of the film club. He is a close friend of the flamboyant Jin Kikuchihara, and stands out from the crowd regardless of his own intentions. Rei has remained in the film club even after her retirement, but he clashes from the very beginning with a new member, Shion, who is out of season! It is because the pretty looking Shion declared that he joined the club to get a boyfriend...! What is it about their unmatched love that makes them incompatible in some way? Cinema Club Series (scans): Tasogare Outfocus Zanzou Slow Motion Yoiyoi Monologue Officials: Twilight Out of Focus




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