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Yoku Ikemashita Tankee kun

Summary Yoku Ikemashita Tankee kun

A love story between a rebellious teen and his cool,collected caretaker!!One day,Eiji finds himself unintentionally seducing the people around him because of his powerful pheromones!! Enter Shigure,who fights off the people who attack him. Shigure informs Eiji that he's the son of a wealthy and powerful family,and that the blood that runs through him is what's causing all these problems. Moreover,Shigure has been assigned to help Eiji deal with his pheromone problem...! Eiji's body is constantly turned on,and Shigure is there to help him relieve his needs...! Shigure seems cool and aloof on the surface,but his big,gentle hands are a huge comfort. It doesn't take long for Eiji to realize that he might actually need Shigure...THIS SERIES +19 WHICH MEANS: IT'S FOR ADULTS, IT HAS SENSITIVE CONTENT, EXPLICIT SEXUAL SCENES, DUBIOUS CONSENSUS AND THEMES NOT SUITABLE FOR MINORS.YOU CAN BUY IT HERE:




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Yoku Ikemashita Tankee kun







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