Manga You to Bakemono ni naru Chichi ga tsurai

酔うと化け物になる父がつらい / A Life Turned Upside Down: My Dad’s an Alcoholic / Mon père alcoolique et moi

You to Bakemono ni naru Chichi ga tsurai

Summary You to Bakemono ni naru Chichi ga tsurai

A moving autobiographical manga about her father’s alcoholism that inspired a critically acclaimed live-action film.Mariko Kikuchi tells the painful story of her father’s alcoholism and her own journey through guilt to understanding her father’s illness. She rejects the common belief that family members can and should be forgiven for anything they do, no matter how much harm they cause. This powerful, self-contained autobiographical manga began as a web series that went viral, and inspired a critically acclaimed 2019 film in Japan.Official Ver Support the Author by purchasing their work!




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You to Bakemono ni naru Chichi ga tsurai







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